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Who We Are

Limitless Living was born over a dinner in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic 2021. Neda and Liyah, founders of Limitless Living have run their own businesses for several years and learned from scratch how much work it is to start and run a business. One thing they noticed on their business journeys was how hard it so to find new customers and to generate new leads. And one thing they agreed on was, it shouldn’t cost a fortune to advertise your business. Especially a start-up. With their marketplace, they are dedicated to make a difference for the people who have dedicated their life to help other people heal and thrive.

The founders of Limitless Living are both passionate about mental and physical health, ancient traditions and remedies but also personal development and growth. They have spent the last few years learning and studying the connection between our mind and body, how to erase limiting beliefs, create healthy habits and how to make small changes on a daily basis to get the results they need. With consistency, this have helped them to set and reach their goals.

During these past two years, Neda and Liyah noticed that a lot of people wanted alternative options when it came to their well-being. Being that most health and wellness companies are listed on different platforms, makes it difficult to help people with their specific healing method they are in need off. And thats why they created Limitless Living. A marketplace where they combine health and wellness both physical and mental, accessible worldwide so people can break the habits of limiting beliefs and live a Limitless life.

The Founders

Liyah Jammeh


Neda Zeighami