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Liyah Jammeh

An entrepreneurial spirit, a globetrotter, a business proprietor, and a staunch advocate of manifesting dreams into reality. With two decades of unwavering dedication in service industries, Jammeh is a driven and committed professional. She is the mastermind behind DVN ALN, a supplement company, and the creative force behind NUMI NUMI, a plant-based cookbook tailored for children. Currently, she's immersed in crafting a guide for parents and nannies, focusing on imparting essential skills in child rearing and leadership. These ventures merely scratch the surface of Jammeh's diverse portfolio. Growing up in the absence of a father figure propelled Jammeh into premature maturity. Her upbringing was marked by tumultuous relationships, laying the groundwork for her ongoing journey of personal development. Motivated by her own struggles and a fervent desire to offer alternatives to those yearning for change from their upbringing, Jammeh harbors numerous aspirations, foremost among them, aiding others in crafting a lifestyle distinct from their past.