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Transform Wellness Retreat


By changing our minds, we really can change our lives.

That is why the mind and body connection is so crucial, and such a focus at Transform. According to the UMCSH, what you do with your physical body such as what you eat, how well you sleep and how much exercise you get, has the power to impact your mind – both positively and negatively. The power of a health retreat is that it provides you with the peace, serenity, resources and environment to find a healthier state of mind and engage in healthy and positive practices.

Transform Your Body at a Wellness Retreat

Just as education is the foundation of external change, the mind is the basis for internal change. At Transform, the Behavior change program teaches you how to apply the power of your mind to improving your health.

More often than not, how healthy a person is doesn’t have anything to do with doctors and medicine at all. Instead, it’s all about lifestyle and habits. In fact, according to researchers from the Harvard Medical School and the California Pacific Medical Center, a number of common chronic conditions can be effectively treated with mind body therapies instead of traditional forms of medicine. Although further research is necessary, results concluded there is “considerable evidence” that mind-body therapies are effective in treating several conditions and illnesses. These include insomnia, headaches and chronic low back pain.

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