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Why is fat loss so difficult?

The fundamental science of fat loss is actually very straightforward. Eat less, move more and create a consistent calorie deficit and you will lose fat. Simple.

Then why are so many people struggling to maintain a healthy bodyweight and control their diet, no matter how many different approaches they try?

There is no universal answer. But working with thousands of clients every year worldwide, we see people making the same key mistakes when it comes to successful fat loss.

  • Taking an all-or-nothing approach
  • Setting wildly unrealistic goals
  • Following restrictive and unsustainable diets
  • Lacking education on how to eat healthily
  • Fooling yourself over what you think you eat versus what you actually eat
  • Following the latest fitness fad for a few weeks
  • Focusing solely on cardio workouts
  • Having no accountability to see your goals through to the end
  • Not having a long-term mindset

Fat loss myths

Fat loss is a process. There is no magic to it. But when people repeatedly try and fail to lose weight, it can reinforce myths and falsehoods about fat loss that are simply not true.

‘I can’t lose weight because I have a slow metabolism’.

‘I can’t lose weight because I am too old’.

‘I can’t lose weight because of my genetics’.

‘I can’t lose weight because I have tried everything’.

Science, experience and our track record prove that with the right approach, anybody can and will lose weight, no matter what their age, ability or starting point.

A scientific approach to fat loss

What makes our model so efficient and effective at delivering remarkable fat loss results is that everything we do is built on hard science and driven by data.

We track every progress metric imaginable to give clients quantifiable results and measurable outcomes, while continually refining our methodology.

Our proven model, our in-depth data and the positive health outcomes we can demonstrate are now part of a series of ground-breaking collaborative research projects with scientists at Cambridge University and the University of California.

These preliminary studies show:

1. Our clients reduced their BMI from the ‘overweight’ to ‘normal’ range on average over 12 weeks.

2. Our clients with hypertension reduced their systolic blood pressure from 149.2 to 118.5 mmHg over an average of 96 days.

3. Our clients’ personal goals determine their weight loss. Some lose fat but gain lean body mass. Others may lose 30, 40 or even 50kg. But, on average, our clients lost 6kg (13lbs) over a 12-week period, according to our data globally.

What this gives clients is confidence that Ultimate Performance is the most effective system in the world for fat loss that delivers tangible results in short time frames.

Why excess body fat is so dangerous

Excess body fat is harmful to so many aspects of your health. The more overweight you are, the greater the risk you have of chronic disease, cancer, depression, cognitive decline and premature death.

Why fat loss is important

Losing even a modest amount of body fat can give you a cascade of positive benefits that will improve your health and quality of life.

Why our model works for fat loss

When it comes to the practical, real-world application of proven fat loss methods, Peak Performance has no equal. Our programs are rooted in science and guided by experience. It might not be ‘sexy’, but our success comes from simplicity. We value careful planning, attention to detail and consistency.

You only need to look at the incredible results achieved by countless clients who have faithfully followed the Peak Performance methodology to see how it can work for anyone. Our world-leading results are built on six key cornerstones:


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