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Wellness coaching based on your DNA

Welcome to the next chapter to a better you!

Learn how to optimize your health based on your body’s very foundation. Are you ready to take control over your health? Your DNA holds the key to unlocking your potential for a better, stronger, healthier life.

We’re here to help you thrive

As a Certified Epigenetic Human Potential Coach, I am here to assist you on your health and wellness journey incorporating the six pillars of health and wellness. With my individualized and holistic approach, each of my clients receives customized plans based on the data from their genetic test results coupled with their individual goals, health and family history, and experiences. Anyone can run a genetic test, I’m not special in that regard. But, I specialize in connecting your wellness goals, health and family history, and lifestyle with the data. You’re more than just a DNA sequence. That’s why it helps to work with someone who’s skilled at interpreting the data. Before we meet, I’ll spend several hours designing a report with recommendations customized just for

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