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What is yoga?

When you think of yoga, you may think of people in seemingly impossible poses. But that is just the surface of what yoga is. Yoga is so much more than the poses. Yoga is a spiritual practice that has helped people improve health and flexibility and also find inner peace and freedom for thousands of years. The beauty of yoga is that a little practice can go a long way. You don’t have to be a lifelong practitioner to reap the benefits.

Yoga is for everyone

We have been doing yoga poses since we were babies! Whether it is Triangle pose or Downward facing dog pose, we often see small children do some form of yoga postures throughout the day. Babies naturally practice deep breathing and live in the present moment. So in a way, we all are born as yogis!

Yoga works for everyone. From homemakers to professional athletes to lifelong monks, everyone can benefit. Whether you are looking for inner peace or better flexibility, yoga can support you in your goals. Regardless of your age or fitness level, yoga has the power to calm your mind and strengthen your body. 

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a way of life. Practicing yoga consistently can improve the quality of your life immensely. It helps enhance your physical and mental health. Whether you’re looking to increase your physical energy and fitness, improve your cardiovascular health, or want relief from pain or stress, yoga can help you. Here are 13 benefits of yoga that you can start seeing with regular yoga practice. Everyone can practice yoga and start to see the benefits.

Yoga for beginners: getting started with yoga

Our simple guide to yoga for beginners will help you begin your yoga practice and understand some basic yoga philosophy. Plus this FAQ section answers some common questions on yoga that a beginner may have in mind.

To understand yoga better and go beyond the physical postures we are going to look at some traditional yogic terminology. This will help you know the real depth and scope of yoga. 


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