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Homeopathy and Functional Nutrition with Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu

Homeopathy and Functional Nutrition with Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu

Homeopathy and Functional Nutrition with Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu

I’m Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu, a practicing Homeopath and Functional Nutritionist in Mumbai. I was always very passionate about Homoeopathy as it helped me immensely growing up, to address most of the ailments of common childhood illnesses. It also helped me recognize the robust immune system I had developed by incorporating holistic natural remedies as compared to my peers that resort to conventional medications.

I was also fascinated to learn about the scope and limitations of the Holistic treatment approach in some medical emergencies, thus pursued my Diploma in Emergency Medical Services from Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai. It was after working in a hospital setup, that I was convinced that the food and nutrition area in healthcare needed a lot more attention. I went through a personal transformation of losing 30 kgs after med-school since I had gained a lot of weight with the erratic med-school and residency life, only because I questioned the integrity of my work once I stepped out into the real world dealing with other people’s health! It took me 8 years post med-school to constantly unlearn and learn the things, as I wasn’t taught about diseases and nutrition in med-school.

My personal transformation got me digging deep into health and nutrition and got me interested in the field of Functional Medicine, because as a private practitioner, I deal mostly with chronic diseases that showed little to very less improvement without making necessary lifestyle changes. Now I see and understand my patient’s health in a different light, because I practice Homeopathy by incorporating the principles of Functional Medicine in my practice and have managed to achieve exceptionally great results.

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