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Health Retreat


Stress or sadness doesn’t have to mean binge-eating an entire box of donuts, just as anger doesn’t always call for a stiff drink. There are numerous healthy ways to handle each of life’s troublesome situations. At Health Retreat , you’ll come to understand unhealthy patterns in your lifestyle. With the help and support of professionals, you’ll learn how to cope with high-risk situations, recognize relapse triggers, learn to eliminate self-defeating thoughts, manage stress levels and unlock the key to tangible solutions for lifestyle change. Once you’ve gained the power to change the way that your mind operates and functions, you have the power to change your physical body as well.

Transform Your Health at a Wellness Retreat

There’s no question that a wellness retreat has optimal power to enhance your health by eliminating bad habits, encouraging positive behavior and providing education on healthy living. At Health Retreat, the numbers speak volumes.


Results have shown that after two to three weeks at Health Retreat , the great majority of guests no longer need medications for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels, or their dosages are dramatically reduced. As part of the Premier Medical Program, board-certified physicians are available throughout your stay, working to provide you with expertise advice, testing and prescribed exercise programs for your specific needs.


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