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Energy Healing With Lissa Hetrick , Emotion & Body code



Hey there!

I’m Lissa Hetrick, an energy healer and coach specializing in transformative techniques like The
Emotion Code and Body Code. My passion lies in freeing individuals from their emotional baggage, using these
powerful tools to identify and release Trapped Emotions—the lingering negative energies from past experiences
that often manifest as physical or emotional issues.
Through The Emotion Code, I help people pinpoint and liberate these Trapped Emotions, which can obstruct

joy, love, and connection in their lives. These energies aren’t just psychological—they impact the body’s well-
being, potentially causing physical discomfort and more serious health concerns. By releasing these blockages,

we create the optimal conditions for the body to heal itself, often leading to a profound alleviation of both
physical and emotional challenges.
Incorporating the groundbreaking Body Code System, I delve deeper into the root causes of discomfort,
sickness, and overall suffering. This patented energy balancing system allows us to uncover and address these
core issues promptly, providing a holistic approach to wellness. With the convenience of The Body Code
System App, accessing these transformative techniques has never been easier.

I’m dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey toward emotional and physical balance, offering them the
tools and support necessary to reclaim their well-being and lead fulfilling lives.
**** Coming soon the Belief Code…. What is the Belief Code???
We don’t always believe what we think we believe. In fact, very often we don’t. This is because our conscious
beliefs often represent what we’d like to believe. We think we value ourselves, we think we deserve respect –
and we can find many reasons to justify why we should, but when we look deeply at what we really feel and
believe inside, we often find that it’s just the opposite.

The Belief Code is a brand-new advanced healing system, and a way for us to get to the heart of what we’re
really believing about ourselves and the world, and which is actually driving our behavior and determining our
results in life. Unlike other healing systems that deal with beliefs, The Belief Code, uniquely, can identify and
reverse not only the unconscious negative beliefs that are holding us back, but the entire belief systems that
underpin them. All we need to know is what the issue is that we want dealt with and what change we want to see
in our lives.

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