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Dive Deep With Daniel Systematic Healing & Coaching

Hi, I am Daniel. I am a creative force of love and healing, inspiring others to go deeper and discover themselves. Accompanying Souls on their spiritual journey is one of my biggest passions.

Together we can explore questions like: what is holding you back? What doesn’t allow you to thrive, create and manifest? Why do you self sabotage? Where do the destructive repetitive patterns in your life come from? How can you go past the blockages in relationships, prosperity or health? What is behind your emotions such as fears, guilt, sadness, anger or judgment? Where do your limiting beliefs come from and how can you turn them around?

The usage of systemic healing modalities in my coaching can help you go deep and trace the root cause of the challenges you are facing, giving what you are experiencing a greater context. Exploring the hidden dynamics from childhood, family history and even ancestors, we often find that the challenges you are currently experiencing didn’t start with you. That realization by itself “putting the pieces together”, can be a huge relief for the soul. I personally love to witness these “ Aha moments “ together. With that greater awareness, positive change can unfold almost by itself. With your new gained clarity and peace of mind you can feel more empowered to make better choices for yourself. Finding a better way to move forward in your life.

Over the last 20 years I have been teaching hundreds of classes and workshops on various spiritual topics. As well as guiding, mentoring, and coaching thousands of Souls one on one with over 20,000 hours of personal coaching time.

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