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Welcome, Glad you’re here!
I am Lasse – Lars Ögren – and I help people who have reached a point where they feel that “now it can’t go any further”. Maybe there is a crisis in the relationship, maybe there is a crisis at work. Does everyone else think your drinking has gotten out of hand? Or do you feel that it just doesn’t work anymore? No problem is too big, no problem is too small. Call and tell us who you are on 070-202 90 49, and we will book an appointment.
My phone is open when other people’s are closed. On weekends, evenings and holidays. It is then that we tend to feel bad. And you, almost everyone feels scared when they call a therapist. It’s nothing strange. You actually dare to admit to yourself that there is something in your life that is not working. That’s why it feels scary. If you’re scared when you start, you’ll turn into a hero when you’ve made it out the other side.
Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

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