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A – Limitless Living in an online marketplace that offers holistic healing, physical, mental wellness and personal growth services. The marketplace also offers free content and videos from our service providers.

A – You can browse the different services that are listed on the platform and see which practitioner is the right match for your needs. Each service provider has their own bio, reviews, contact information, videos and content listed.

A- You don’t have to sign up or subscribe to get access to our service providers. All information to our service providers are free and available on our platform.


A – Sign up with the “Become a member” button to register your business.

A – Add any information about your business that your customers need to know, how to get in contact with your business and what kind of service you offer.

A – At Limitless Living marketplace we direct the customers to where you as a service provider chose the customer to visit, whether it is a website, social media channel or email. Limitless Living does not charge your customer/client.

A – Choose between our three different packages, BASIC, $19.99/month, STANDARD, $29.99/ month and PROFESSIONAL, $49.99/month to register your business.